Emily Edwards is an attorney at The Family & Fertility Law Group, where she focuses her practice on legal matters related to family law. Emily has experience working with both parents and children alike in the Domestic Relations and Juvenile Courts.  Emily is a strong advocate and always strives to achieve the best legal outcome in each of her cases.  Emily prides herself on her compassionate, yet firm approach to best benefit and guide her clients.

Emily was born and raised in Cincinnati, but she attended law school and began her legal career in Charlotte, North Carolina. After graduating law school , Emily worked in the public interest sector as an attorney at Legal Aid of North Carolina (LANC) where she represented countless survivors of domestic violence and their families. Emily also served as a Guardian ad Litem, advocating for the best interests of children involved in ongoing abuse, neglect, and dependency cases. 

Upon returning to Cincinnati in 2020, Emily began practicing at Legal Aid of Southwest Ohio where, in addition to the work she did at LANC, she expanded her practice to include divorce, child custody and companionship cases. Emily’s experience in the various areas in which she’s practiced, allows her to offer valuable insights for both settlement discussions and trial strategies.

Emily is a member of the Cincinnati Bar Association and the Butler County Bar Association and previously, was a member of the Butler County Domestic Violence Coordinating Council. Previously, Emily spent her time volunteered with “Wills for Heroes Foundation” which provides essential legal documents free of charge to first responders, including wills, living wills and powers of attorney.  She also assisted with the Mecklenburg County Truancy Court Program. 

Emily’s commitment to her community and her dedication to her education earned her the Law Leader Scholarship from Charlotte School of Law. Emily was also a member of the Order of the Crown and was routinely on the Dean’s List while in law school.

Emily’s passion is assisting families and children. She meets her clients where they are in the midst of what is more often than not the most trying time of their lives. As a skilled negotiator, Emily advises her clients to make conscious and educated legal decisions while navigating the courts, while also working hard to still reach favorable resolutions, but without extensive court involvement. Emily also recognizes that not all disputes can be resolved peaceably, and in such situations she skillfully approaches litigation to serve client goals. 

Emily practices in Hamilton, Warren, Clermont and Butler Counties. She is dedicated to unwavering advocacy and reaching positive outcomes for her clients.