Creating Families through Adoption

Building your family through adoption is a meaningful transition that deserves celebration. The process of adoption, however, can become overwhelming without the proper support.

Through the years, attorneys Ellen Essig, Rebecca Zemmelman and Ross Evans have assisted clients in thousands of adoption matters and are experienced in all aspects of Adoption Law.

The Adoption team at The Family Law and Fertility Law Group routinely serve as counsel to birth parents, adoptive parents, and private adoption agencies. We have the expertise and experience required to guide you through all matters of adoption, including:

  • contested adoptions
  • step-parent adoptions
  • private adoptions (open and closed)
  • re-adoption
  • adult adoptions
  • interstate adoptions

It is important to work with an adoption attorney who carves out a significant portion of their practice to focus solely on Adoption Law. Our attorneys can help you navigate the intricacies of your unique adoption.

Our team of attorneys consists of Rebecca Zemmelman, Ellen Essig, and Ross Evans.

Schedule a consultation by calling us at 513-455-4700 if you are seeking representation in a prospective or pending adoption.